A Look Into the Future of Business Operations

Imagine a future where 3-D printing is done in the back of a truck instead of a factory or a lab. The same truck is driverless, eliminating the risk of drivers getting tired and causing delays or accidents en route. The truck custom prints the product for each of the many customers on the truck route at the exact time when it arrives at each customer site. Companies are now at the forefront of testing such ventures, according to a new article by Maryland Smith’s Zhi-Long Chen.

Why Companies are Leaving Money on the Table

Imagine a world where your deliveries are always on time and your food is never cold. Restaurants are able to coordinate when to cook orders and apps are able to efficiently assign drivers multiple orders or even ask customers picking up an order if they would be willing to drop off an order with their neighbor on the way back. This is the efficient world Maryland Smith professor Zhi-Long Chen and Ohio State University professor Nicholas G. Hall are hoping to help create through their newly published book, “Supply Chain Scheduling.”

18 Maryland Smith Professors Named Among Top 2% Worldwide

A study of the world’s top researchers identifies 18 from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business in the top 2% of the most-cited scholars and scientists worldwide.

The Global Pulse: A Coronavirus Video Series

In our video series, Maryland Smith experts share their insights on the broadly reaching impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dynamic Price Is Right

A new robust optimization model can help store managers make better decisions about when to offer discounts and how low they should go.

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