How Sellers Can Make Group Buying Work for Them

When Groupon stormed onto the e-commerce scene in 2008 it sought to bring group buying to the U.S. But unlike in China, it never quite panned out as the company envisioned forcing it to pivot to coupons. Now, new research from Maryland Smith is examining why that happened and how companies can best implement the strategy.

Eight Professors Earn Krowe, Legg Mason, Smith Honors

Eight faculty members earned Maryland Smith teaching honors last week, as part of an annual tradition at the business school. Tunay Tunca, chair of Maryland Smith's Teaching Excellence Committee, announced the faculty teaching awards during a virtual spring faculty and staff assembly. Tunca is the Dean's Professor of Management Science and Operations Management at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. Special Recognition: Tricia Homer

May the Force Be With San Francisco or Los Angeles

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — A bidding war has started between San Francisco and Los Angeles for a new George Lucas art museum. Two professors at the University of Maryland's Robert H.

Smith School Launches Business Analytics Degree

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (Dec. 1, 2016) — Companies looking for business insights based on data will have a chance to partner with the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business in a new Master of Science in Business Analytics program.

Research Briefs

Five Steps to Foster Workplace Initiative Companies can spur proactive workplace behavior when they  take five steps to build an initiative-friendly climate, new research from the Smith School shows. Employees tend to respond and take initiative when their managers lead by example, provide coaching, allow participative decision making, keep team members informed and show concern.

Having It All

RESEARCH SHOWS HOW TO STRUCTURE PROCUREMENT AUCTIONS TO INDUCE BETTER BIDDER BEHAVIOR Research By Tunay I. Tunca Individual consumers compete against each other in traditional online auctions. When the bidding stops, the highest price wins. The opposite happens when large-scale buyers use online auctions to procure goods and services for their companies.

Digital Piracy: Fighting Fire with Fire

Digital piracy has persisted in the past decade. In the music world, the Recording Industry Association of America claims illegal downloads annually drain $12.5 billion and 70,000 jobs from the U.S. economy.

New Faculty Hires for 2011-2012

The Smith School is happy to welcome the following new professors to the school: Accounting & Information Assurance Hanna Lee Derek Johnson Decisions, Operations & Information Technologies Tunay Tunca Inbal YahavIlya O. RyzhovPamela Armstrong Ilchul Yoon Rui Zhao

Why IBM Wanted Red Hat

It is the most expensive deal in IBM’s 108-year history, but the $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat is one that seems likely to pay off. Maryland Smith’s Tunay Tunca explains why.

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