Kirmani Named 2022 Fellow of the Society for Consumer Psychology

Amna Kirmani, the Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, was named a 2022 fellow of the Society for Consumer Psychology. Her appointment was announced at the academic and practitioner group’s annual conference on March 4.

A Fluid Situation

Banking Bans More Likely Than Oil, Vodka Boycotts to Influence Russia’s Ukraine Stance

Super Bowl Ads: Celebrities, Cars and Crypto

If a single theme emerged from the deluge of Super Bowl commercials for cryptocurrency, electric vehicles and online booking agencies, it was one that steered viewers away from the worries of the last two years.

Why 2021’s Labor Day Sales Are Likely to Disappoint

Labor Day weekend shoppers might have a little extra money to spend, but they will have to work harder to find discounts this year. Supply chain disruptions caused by the continuing pandemic and a series of severe weather events have had retailers struggling to maintain inventories and subsequently less-incentivized to discount items in stock – even for the usual Labor Day sales bonanzas on appliances, mattresses and autos, said Maryland Smith marketing experts Amna Kirmani and Jie Zhang.

Gamifying Fashion

Amazon is still the biggest name in e-commerce. But the buzz these days is about Shein. China-based Shein surged past Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the United States, after China removed export taxes to offset the 2018 U.S. trade tariff. The move sparked rapid international growth, with annual sales growing by 250% during the pandemic.

Big Brands Take Aim Over Georgia Voting Laws

Big brands are taking aim at Georgia’s new voting laws. Why it no longer pays for companies to stay on the sidelines, when social issues are at play.

In Fashion, If It's Hot, Let It Drop

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – When a hot designer wants a blast of interest in a new product line, there's a single strategy that has recently risen to the top: The drop. It's the sudden availability of a buzz-worthy new item, online or in a limited location, and in very limited quantities. If you want to get it, you gotta move quickly. The drop is a competitive shopping sport. And that's precisely the point.

Fearless Idea 13: Play the Underdog Card

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — Brands like Nantucket Nectars, Ben & Jerry's, Toms Shoes, Burt's Bees and Lifeway have thrived against bigger, longer-established competitors. They’ve emphasized modest roots and played up virtues like product health benefits and their social consciousness or environmental consciousness.  Appearing resource-modest, but highly moral, they’re tapping into the adage “consumers gravitate to underdogs.”

Is This Trump's Next Campaign?

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — Donald Trump has a problem that the opinion polls aren't capturing. It's his brand. If the polls hold and Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election on Nov. 8, the New York mogul will be surrounded not just by the tatters of a failed political campaign, but also by a business brand that's been tarnished beyond recognition. Restoring that brand to its former luster could be his toughest challenge yet.

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