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Data Analytics Club

Our mission is to develop the analytical skills of Smith students through the sharing of knowledge and collective understanding of the latest technology trends to enable students to implement analytical concepts to all the career functions and industries.

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Board Members

Yash Raizada


Yash is a rising 1st year MBA student at the R.H. Smith School of Business and is a highly experienced technology consultant with a passion for problem solving, creative thinking and digital transformation. His professional journey and accolades are emblematic of his result oriented mindset and cross functional global business experience.

Fun Fact

Despite suffering from a mild case of acrophobia, I jumped out of a plane at 13,000 ft. high to conquer this fear!

Josh Doying

Vice President

Josh has worked in the public and non-profit education sector for seven years. He returned to school to develop his analytic schools and to be better equipped to work in the social startup sector.

Fun Fact

I broke my leg ten days before my wedding and am wearing a cast and have crutches in all my wedding pictures.

Pavit Singh Sapra

Vice President

Hey Terps & Future Terps! A little about me: I was born & brought up in the Indian subcontinent and completed my bachelors in computer science & engineering. After a stint in IT working as a business analyst in BI & Data Analytics, I founded a branding & social media agency. Subsequently, I worked as a tech & marketing consultant for e-commerce brands. I am now pursuing full time MBA and MS in business analytics at Smith School of Business to coalesce my knowledge and skillsets towards a product & program management career.

Fun Fact

I have taken an international flight only once in my life and that was to reach Maryland Smith.

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