Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders

A professional certificate program

Tuition: $995
Modality: Self-Paced, Online
Time Required: Approximately 30 hours


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The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has greatly altered the way we view and conduct business. AI provides business leaders with powerful new tools to understand and prioritize operations and leverage data in decision-making. The promise of AI/ML is in fully realizing the rapid pace of technological change and the constantly evolving set of interpretation methods available to business leaders.

The Maryland Smith AI for Business Leaders program is designed for business leaders who seek to leverage AI/ML to improve their business. The goal is to help you build a deeper appreciation for the possibilities of AI while recognizing its limitations and potential pitfalls. We will walk you through a series of domain-driven applications of AI. We will leverage the expertise and research prowess of Maryland Smith’s faculty to examine the role AI plays in the domains of Supply Chain, Healthcare, Finance, Marketing and People Analytics. While the domains are specific, the applicability of the concepts are broad to cover all business areas.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine the value that advanced analytics can provide in corporate initiatives
  • Identify data requirements to conduct these initiatives
  • Explore current trends in the space of analytics
  • Discover methods and technologies used in the analytics domain
  • Evaluate do’s and don’ts of analytics projects

Diagram showing six boxes each with a module title. The boxes are shown in order.

This program is delivered asynchronously  To get the most from this learning opportunity, please watch the videos and participate in discussion boards.

This program is well suited for professionals who are analytically minded and are responsible for internal and/or external projects that focus on transformation, analytics and outcomes.

Specific role titles/functions include: non-technical unit and division directors, business analysts, business planners, marketing analysts, procurement specialists, computer scientists and programmers.

No coding experience required or necessary.


This program is delivered in a self-paced format that is organized into six modules. Each module centers around a case study and discussion around the use of AI/ML in decision making. Topics include:

Module 1: Building an AI/ML Mindset

Learn the applicability and limitations of AI/ML. Develop your analytical mindset and get comfortable with the lexicon of AI.

Module 2: Leveraging ML to Better Predict Business Demand

Explore how AI/ML informs major decision-making efforts in operations and capacity building such as supply chain demand shaping, promotional and inventory strategies, and building contingencies.

Module 3: Micro-Segmentation and Targeted Marketing using AI

Delve into customer segmentation strategies and the development of loyalty or membership databases. Discover industry-proven techniques: target marketing, pricing strategies, and assortment planning. Explore aspects of the shortcomings of targeted marketing.

Module 4: Saving Lives with Deep Learning

Explore recent improvements in medical imaging and diagnostics that provide medical practitioners new insights into patient care which lead to improved outcomes in healthcare overall.

Module 5: Managing Risk with Big Data

Discover the underlying factors that predict risk and the costs associated with it. Especially the risks associated with the interpretation of data.

Module 6: Understanding Bias in People Analytics

Understand how talent management action plans leverage existing and new people analytics tools and techniques. Address shortcomings of data due to bias and other means of data collection and interpretation.

Suresh Acharya

Suresh Acharya

Academic Director, MS in Business Analytics
Professor of Practice
Gordon Gao

Gordon Gao, MBA, PhD

Co-Director, Center for Health and Information Decision Systems
Dean's Professor of AI in Healthcare
Liye Ma

Liye Ma, PhD

Associate Professor, Marketing
Serhiy Kozak

Serhiy Kozak, PhD

Assistant Professor, Finance
Margrét Bjarnadóttir

Margrét Bjarnadóttir, PhD

Assistant Professor, Decision Operations

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