Tailored Programs for Organizations

We design and deliver educational experiences and training programs to help your organization solve problems and develop new capabilities. Everything we produce is designed in collaboration with you, just for your enterprise, and with your people in mind. A partnership with the Robert H. Smith School of Business yields transformational learning that creates new business opportunities and has a positive, measurable impact on your results. We provide your leaders a rigorous development experience using innovative tools, new frameworks and powerful ideas.

Our Process

We know you and your learners value continuity and a real relationship with your Smith team. We are structured so you always have someone to talk to at Smith and we are committed to adapting and continuously improving every program in response to your input.

  • Program Director—fully understands your needs, requirements and organizational culture objectives helping you identify clear and executable programs
  • Academic Director—gathers the appropriate faculty to design and facilitate the program, ensuring it is cohesive, current and meets your stated objectives
  • Program Manager—ensures that your program runs flawlessly, whether delivered at our world-class facilities or at your facility, anywhere

We leverage the best thinking and applications our faculty, Executive Education Fellows and trusted practitioners have to offer. This allows us to bring a wide range of corporate experience as well as outstanding academic credentials, all applied to your real business challenges.

Service Excellence

Our skilled, professional team will deliver your program seamlessly, creating the right environment at the right location, working with the appropriate technology and providing the necessary resources for program participants, right down to the smallest detail.

Here's How We'll Work Together

We meet with your team to understand your needs and define goals. We will then share your custom curriculum with key stakeholders for review, comment and approval. We deliver a high-impact, thought-provoking professional program and incorporate feedback to maximize value with every session. Together we will jointly build a community of success and “alumni” mentors for the program creating lasting impact for your organization.

Program Elements

Gerard Suarez in a classroomOur customized curriculum begins with in-classroom sessions with our world-class faculty. Join us at one of our state-of-the-art facilities in the Washington, D.C. Metro region or we can come to you. Either way, your organization will benefit from the extensive experience, research and thought leadership of Smith’s faculty.

Before we even begin, our Executive Education Fellows, faculty and staff will work to understand the culture of your organization, and the challenges you face. The better we know your organization, the better we can support you to learn, lead and succeed.

Smith Signature Experiences

Signature ExperiencesHands- on is the best way to learn and storytelling is a powerful tool in teaching. Faculty at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business don’t stand behind a podium and opine—they create memorable experiences for executive education participants. Participants practice what we teach. All day, learners are on the move, thinking, making decisions and understanding how to influence others. We engage the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains to make sure people learn by doing--and have a great time in the process.

Action Learning Projects

Smith will partner with your team to identify real-world issues facing your enterprise. Over the course of your program, we will facilitate work groups that allow participants to apply their classroom learning to persistent or emerging challenges at your organization. And at the conclusion of your program, participants will present their business project plans to your executives or their peers.

We have a high rate of adoption for many of these projects and the collaboration forges strong bonds between the members of each work group.

Talk to us about your learning objectives and let us design a great experience tailored for your organization.

AssessmentsSmith likes to conduct a pre- and post-program assessment. A group report will help our faculty become more familiar with the strengths and development needs of the group, so they can tailor their content to match. These assessments will allow us –and you—to gauge the continuing impact of your program one year after the formal learning concludes.

In addition, we can license, administer and debrief a wide range of instruments while our expert social scientists can design a tool that dovetails with your own competency model and organizational needs.

Participants, in a group and one-on-one, help each person develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to work on both during and after the program.

CoachingYou will see a much greater return on investment in professional development if you support your people—supervisors, managers and senior executives—with individual coaching. Coaching is invaluable to help learners move from knowing to doing, allowing them to reach their full professional and personal potential. Smith’s cadre of ICF-credentialed coaches can help program participants create and stay focused on their IDPs. Our coaches can:

  • Prompt new self-awareness through thought-provoking questions and astute observations
  • Supply tips and support for dropping unhelpful habits and developing productive new behaviors
  • Provide safe and confidential space for participants to share challenges, hopes and fears
  • Enable fresh insights when issues feel overwhelming and people feel stuck
  • Encourage people to stretch themselves, become open to new possibilities, and to experiment with new behaviors

Our world-class faculty practice what they teach. Working with your team, they ensure cohesion and alignment of your strategies and operations — the hallmark of high-performance organizations. Our team will work with you on:

  • Strategic planning, digital transformation initiatives, innovation and R&D capability enhancement, operational and business process realignment, as well as research and valuation of investments
  • Emerging technology and innovations in workplace practices to help your organization stay current

Whatever your goals, our team can help you get results.

Public Sector Solutions

We can help your agency work better—and become a better place to work.

Public sector managers and executives face unique imperatives and constraints. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning programs and how our government executive education team will work with you to develop and design a custom education solution for your agency.

Maryland Smith is an ideal partner for government agencies seeking to provide business management and leadership development education to employees from levels employees from levels GS 9 to 15 and the Senior Executive Service (SES).

At Maryland Smith, we have:

  • More than 15 years of experience delivering programming to the world’s largest defense contractor
  • Designed and delivered the U.S. Customs Border Protection’s Leadership Institute’s (CBPLI) award-winning program 
  • Received numerous awards through our partnerships with DHS, including the 2016 DHS Human Capital Award for Professional Excellence in Learning and Development and the 2017 Outstanding Human Performance Intervention award from the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI)
  • A partnership with OPM to provide Fed Grant benefits for degree programs
  • Opportunities to take advantage of our Federal Executive Leadership Inventory (FELI), which is directly linked to the OPM FEVS instrument

Featured Faculty

Suresh Acharya

Suresh Acharya

Professor of Practice
Academic Director, MS in Business Analytics
Ritu Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal

Distinguished University Professor
Robert H. Smith Dean's Chair of Information Systems
Kathryn M. Bartol

Kathryn M. Bartol

Robert H. Smith Professorship in Leadership & Innovation
Director, CLIC
Henry C. Boyd III

Henry C. Boyd III

Clinical Professor
Michael Faulkender

Michael Faulkender

Dean’s Professor of Finance
Guodong "Gordon" Gao

Guodong "Gordon" Gao

Dean’s Professor of AI in Healthcare
Co-Director, CHIDS
Anil K. Gupta

Anil K. Gupta

Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Rachelle Sampson

Rachelle Sampson

Associate Professor
Vijaya Venkataramani

Vijaya Venkataramani

Associate Professor
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