Recruiting and Job Search

Job Search

Each business school student owns his or her job search. You will take ownership for your career choices and for developing a strategic job search plan and we will support you every step of the way. Beyond the career curriculum customized for your degree program and the coaching specific to your target career, your partnership with the Office of Career Services extends to the Employer Development team that works out in the field to build a top-tier employer portfolio and the Customer Account Management team that works tirelessly to provide white-glove treatment to employers when they come in-house to recruit Smith talent.

The Employer Development Team

As primarily a corporate-facing organization, the Employer Development (ED) team is often on the road meeting with employers and working to build bridges on behalf of students. The ED team develops and expands strategic relationships with leading companies locally, nationally and globally. As representatives of the Smith School, they generate employment opportunities for all student populations while assisting employers in building brand awareness on the Smith School campus.

Alumni Focus

The ED Team actively researches, identifies and engages our Smith alumni working in leading firms around the globe. Our goal is to create groups of “Alumni Champions” focused on increasing recruitment activity and creating professional growth opportunities for our students at target companies. Our alumni are an invaluable resource and actively participate in classroom discussions, panels, alumni mock interviews, and other employer events.

The Customer Account Management Team

The Customer Account Management Team (CAM) strives to make the employers’ Smith recruiting experience exceptional, easy and efficient. The CAM team works with employer partners to customize recruiting strategies that make it simple for them to connect with Smith talent for full-time, part-time or internship opportunities. CAM assists with planning, preparing and executing on-campus interviews, virtual interviews, events, career fairs, networking sessions, and other engagements to connect students with potential jobs. If there is an event that an employer wants to conduct on campus, the CAM team works across the UMD enterprise to make it happen. 

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