Working Professionals

Flex MBA

Smith flex MBA students are proven professionals who are ambitious, resilient and motivated multitaskers. They bring real-world, collaborative, problem-solving experiences across government, commercial and non-profit sectors to the classroom. These students typically experience and seek meaningful work with expanded leadership responsibility.

Confident, yet grounded, they are well-connected, politically savvy and make use of their expanded professional networks. These busy, mobile professionals are also masters of efficiency. They have a strong work ethic and hit the ground running. The majority offer interdisciplinary skills as they add the MBA to their varied backgrounds, including military leadership, to prepare for career transitions.

Online MBA

The Smith online MBA removes barriers to a fantastic business education by creating a global classroom for its community of digital learners. 

Our online MBA students are worldly professionals who average eight years of work experience in business, government, science, engineering and more. When the student body shares such a diverse collection of real-world experiences, it can create sophisticated leaders with perspectives that go beyond their areas of expertise. 

Ambitious, organized and self-reliant, these business leaders chose our online MBA to expand their academic profile while building on their professional success. Smith online MBA students take on the same academic rigors as our on-campus students with the added pressure of a full-time job, emerging with a heightened definition of success and the proven work ethic to achieve it.

Executive MBA

Our executive MBA students are seasoned leaders with extensive work experience and enhanced leadership skills. They are collaborative, have a thirst for learning and receive intensive executive coaching throughout the program's 19-month duration.

This fast-paced program places strong emphasis on leadership across functional areas. Our executives have an average of 15 years of professional experience and master new skills that make world-class executives successful, offering immediate benefits to your organization.

Smith EMBA in the Top 10

Smith's Executive MBA Program is among the best in the world and the nation — No. 10 in the United States*, according to a recent ranking — excelling in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, strategy and sustainability.

*Financial Times, 2017

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