Full-Time MBA

Smith full-time MBAs are smart, ambitious and focused team players. They arrive with an average of five years of work experience, are geographically mobile and know that a graduate degree is their ticket to the job and salary they want. To them, career success means more than just a financially rewarding position. It means making a positive, sustainable impact on the world.

Many of our students have the "intrapreneurial spirit" required for leadership. They demonstrate initiative and a drive to succeed. These students are agile risk-takers who have the leadership ability required in times of complexity and change. Innovative leadership development experiences, such as storytelling and IMPROV, enhance the self-awareness skills and creativity sought by recruiters.

We take a unique approach to helping our full-time MBA students attain their goals by providing a variety of leadership development experiences.

Improv and Risk Taking Workshops:

Operating on the principles that leadership is a stage and self-awareness is critical for success, students are taught techniques by theatre professionals to help them move beyond the traditional elevator pitch.Through creative, experiential workshops, students develop enhanced listening skills, self-confidence, presence and adaptability in a variety of environments. Our IMPROV and risk taking series also sharpens their ability to think quickly, respond on their feet and get out of their comfort zones.

Experiential Learning to the Max:

DesignEd is an action learning program that bridges business and technology. Students work on interdisciplinary teams and collaborate with top companies to create product and process innovations. mQuest is a defining experience that challenges students to put their real-world project management, client relationships and critical thinking skills to the test.

Mayer Fund students make real-time portfolio and investment decisions while managing this $3.5 million asset management fund. They meet with Wall Street and local financial professionals, gaining valuable industry contacts and market experience. Former Mayer Fund members have put their skills and knowledge to work for a number of respected organizations.

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