Employer Relations

The Employer Relations (ER) Team strives to make the employer's Smith recruiting experience exceptional, easy and efficient. The ER team works with employer partners to customize recruiting strategies that make it simple for them to connect with Smith talent for full-time, part-time or internship opportunities. ER assists with planning, preparing and executing on-campus interviews, virtual interviews, events, career fairs, networking sessions and other engagements to connect students with potential jobs. If there is an event that an employer wants to conduct on campus, the ER team works across the UMD enterprise to make it happen.

The ER Team

The ER team is an internal suite of talent management professionals prepared to lead employer partners through an array of in-person and virtual recruiting options. Many ER/Employer relationships run deep, having been built on service and trust over several years. Here is the ER team:

Name Suite Phone
Cynthia O'Brien
Senior Director, Employer Relations
Suite 2570 301-405-9496
Shannon Broughton
Coordinator, Employer Relations
Suite 2530 301-405-8652
Luke Dieguez
Coordinator, Employer Relations
Suite 2530 301-405-6224
Lizeth Gonzalez Smith
Program Manager, Employer Relations
Suite 2530 301-405-0444

15-Industry Practice Alignment

Each ER team member has been aligned to meet the recruiting needs of our employer partners:

Shannon Broughton Luke Dieguez Lizeth Gonzalez Smith
CPG Aerospace & Defense Financial Services
Energy Consulting Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Professional Services– 
Accounting (MT)
Professional Services– Marketing & Other Government, Non- Profit, Education
Retail Logistics & Transportation Hospitality
Technology Media, Entertainment & Sports Real Estate & Construction
  Professional Services–Accounting (LT)   

ER-supported employer activity is managed through HireSmith, the OCS system of record for recruiting activity.

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