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Plugging students into financial-sector technology

In a global marketplace driven by complex and often interconnected forces, and by rapid and continual technological change, financial markets can shift in a keystroke.

At the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, we give students hands-on training in the cutting-edge software and data products they will need to track, understand and trade in the global financial markets.

Two pioneering Financial Markets Labs at the Smith School are equipped with real-time and historical data and econometric analytical tools provided by leading industry vendors. The labs also feature data on equity, fixed income and commodity markets that are displayed on four electronic boards and two electronic stock tickers.

Our Financial Markets Teaching Theater, equipped with 32 personal-computer terminals and 64 seats, is used mainly for teaching classes.

Our Financial Markets Data Center, equipped with 16 PC terminals and 32 seats, is an open lab that lets students use real-time and historical financial accounting data, and macro- and micro-economic data, to conduct research and complete projects and assignments. They also can build and test investment portfolios using professional software packages.

In our Financial Markets Labs, students learn where to find information, and how to use best-of-class products to retrieve that information, increasing their understanding of financial instruments and markets.

At the Smith School, our students are wired into the technology they need to navigate the global financial markets.

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