Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate finance curriculum is designed to familiarize the student with the institutions, theory, and practice involved in the allocation of financial resources within the private sector. It is also designed to incorporate foundation study in such related disciplines as economics and the quantitative areas. Finance majors have the opportunity to participate in one of six competitive Finance Fellows programs.

Master's Programs

The master's level finance courses provide an understanding of how companies, institutions, and individuals make investments, raise capital, and manage risk in a dynamic financial environment. The investments courses provide rigorous analytical tools for the measurement of risk-return tradeoffs in financial markets, the pricing of financial securities, and the allocation of capital in the financial economy. Corporate finance and institutions classes provide an understanding of how capital is raised, risk is managed, and companies are governed in the corporate sector. The finance curriculum also provides opportunities to better understand ways in which derivative securities can be used in managing risk in corporations as well as in investment portfolios.

Detailed Information on the MBA, MFinMQF and Plus 1 programs.

Doctoral Program

The goal of our PhD program is to develop students who can develop into independent thinkers and advance knowledge at the frontiers of finance. We offer students several resources. None is more important than the ongoing research interactions with faculty who are engaged in research and all of who are committed to a successful PhD program.

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