UMD Counseling Center Workshop: Academic Success Skills

This workshop series is all about improving your academic performance with skills for success. We will help you get organized, get focused, and get motivated to take charge of your academic life.

First Tuesday of the Month of the Month: Time Management
This workshop will help you prioritize your obligations and organize your schedule so that you can take care of responsibilities in a timely manner and make time for self-care too!

Second Tuesday of the Month: Conquer Procrastination Now (Not Later)
Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. This workshop will explore underlying causes of procrastination and provide specific techniques to end the cycle of unrealistic expectations and avoidance that inhibits productivity.

Third Tuesday of the Month: Pay Attention! Tips to Improve Focus
In a world full of distractions, it’s easy to lose focus. This workshop will provide helpful strategies to improve concentration and let go of distractions.

Fourth Tuesday of the Month: Successful Study Skills
Not all study strategies are created equal! Learn about best practices for note-taking, paper-writing, studying, and more.

If you cannot attend, view recordings of past workshops on the center's YouTube channel.






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