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Qihui Chen

Qihui Chen

PhD Candidate in Marketing

MS, Marketing, Peking University

BS, Psychology, Central University of Finance and Economics

Qihui Chen began the Smith PhD Program in Marketing in Fall 2018. Her research mainly focuses on two streams. The first stream is how social perceptions and status goals influence consumers’ product preferences and symbolic consumption. The second stream is what factors underlie consumers’ acceptance or resistance of innovations in the marketplace, such as service robots, artificial intelligence, and lab-grown food. She applies diverse methods to pursue her research, including secondary data analysis, field experiment, interview, survey, and lab experiment. Through her research, she hopes to provide insights into motivating consumer behavior that facilitates a more equal, sustainable, and dynamic world. She has presented her work in several conferences (e.g., SCP, ACR) and earned the Best Discussant Award in the 2021 Haring Cyber Symposium.

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