Snider Professional Development Society (SPDS)

Executive Board

  • President: Yash Talreja
  • Executive VP: Natalie Hirsch
  • VP of Strategic Operations: George Assaf
  • VP of Marketing: Hunter Starr
  • VP of Treasury: Paul Celius

Mission Statement

Snider Professional Development Society (SPDS) is an organization centered around the needs of business undecided and undeclared majors. In accordance with the branding pillar of the University of Maryland, SPDS seeks to foster personal growth in each member to enable them to forge their paths towards success and to expand upon their interests and career search. SPDS will achieve this through school-wide events, intimate workshops, and peer bonding experiences. Through the Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets and the Robert H. Smith School of Business, we provide direct access to professors, faculty, and other business professionals to bring our members this personal and professional guidance.


  • Building leadership skills through engagement and learning.
  • Exploring professional interests and career paths.
  • Promoting critical thinking and engaging in respectful discourse.

What We Want to Do

  • Help students explore and expand their passions, which will result in a more fulfilling career.
  • Enable each student to find their ideal career path and become a well-rounded individual.
  • Foster personal growth by challenging students and putting them into growth scenarios.
  • Challenge students through intellectual and critical thinking. Reinforce argumentative skills of logic, reasoning, and thoughtfulness.
  • Create a “home” or network of peers at the University of Maryland.
  • Build friendships.
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