Guidelines for All Smith School Facilities

Failure to comply with the following guidelines may result in fees to your department and/or the inability for the responsible party to make subsequent reservations.

On-site Contact/Responsible Party

Any department/group that sponsors an external company/organization in any Smith School facility must provide an onsite contact for event coordination and logistics including their name, email & cell phone. You are responsible for all guests’ adherence to the guidelines for all Smith School facilities.

Access to Smith School Facilities

  • Deliveries and storage of any items are only allowed during the times of your reservation unless prearranged.
  • Early or after hour access to Smith School event space is not allowed unless prearranged.

AV Usage & Support

A/V services are scheduled through the Smith IT department for all of the Smith School. All arrangements must be requested or scheduled as a part of your reservation request. AV usage & support is a billable service and pricing is determined by Smith IT. A list of services can be viewed and requested using one of the following links below:


  • No Smith School property, fixtures or furnishings may be moved from, removed or rearranged.
  • All furniture should be returned to its original setup including but not limited to, pushing chairs under tables, removal of all papers and trash, etc.


  • Any damages to equipment, furniture or the facility the departments/groups will be held responsible and be charged for all required or necessary repairs.


  • All departments/groups are required to return the space to its original condition at the conclusion of their event.
  • Any event that requires excessive cleaning at the conclusion of the event will be charged to the sponsoring department/group.
  • Housekeeping support can be requested for any event for a minimum of three hours for at least one staff member.

Trash Removal

  • All departments/groups are responsible for the removal of trash from all Smith School at the completion of the event.
  • Bulk Trash: the removal of bulk trash is applicable to all venues and bulk trash is defined as all boxes, crates, pallets, packing materials and other items not easily removed by a standard vacuum or push broom. All boxes must be broken down and such items should be removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Should department/group leave bulk trash after the contracted license time, the department/group will be charged a cleaning fee of $250.00.
  • Recycling: All recyclable items should be placed in the appropriate recycle bins or dumpsters and should not be left in the venue.

Van Munching Hall - Trash bags should be taken to the dumpsters on the loading dock by AV master control/500 wing elevators or by the Tyser Auditorium loading dock.

BioPark - Trash bags should be taken to the dumpster at the back of the building.

Reagan Building - Trash bags should be moved to the service corridor behind the break area.


  • Thumbtacks, push pins, duct tape, scotch tape, masking tape, nails should never be used to affix any items to any surfaces.
  • Glitter is not allowed in any Smith School facility.
  • No candles are allowed in any Smith School facility unless contracted through the university or approved catering vendor.
  • Banners, signs, decorations, etc. may not be taped, glued or otherwise affixed to walls, floors, or columns and/or hung from light fixtures and ceilings.


The service or distribution of alcoholic beverages in a Smith School facility for any event, meeting or program must be arranged through University Catering or an approved catering vendor. Alcohol is not allowed at meetings or events with undergraduate students - this is campus policy.

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